Types of Mid Century Armchair

Mid century armchair – The chair began as a simple invention, but over the centuries artisans were more creative in their approach. Although we often look for comfort when buying chairs, we are still fascinated by the style of an antique. The wing back chair is very popular. It has a wide seat surrounded by the arms, back straight, where two flaps (or “wings”) projects around the head of the chair. The arms, seat and back are all upholstered. The legs can be covered by a cover or left bare.

Crafted in the Victorian era, these mid century armchair offer a unique look. They get their name from the shape of the back. The top of the back is curved and wide, curves inwardly in the middle of the back, so that flares out again to connect to the back of the arms. The kind similar to a spoon. The seat is very jumped and dome-like.

X-frame chairs was designed in the Victorian era in the late 19th century. They get their name from their unusual X-shaped frame. X begins with the mid century armchair, then cross to keep the seat, then spread out on the floor to finish bottom of the X. There is an X in the front part of the chair and the back of the seat to stop the seat. Some models are padded around the back, arms and seat. On other models, only the seat upholstered.

Picture Gallery of the Types of Mid Century Armchair

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