Mid Century Modern Beds Plan

Mid century modern beds – The clean lines of a modern bed frame create a simple, low-stress feel to the room. You can spend a lot of money buying wooden plates to fix your bed, or you can spend an afternoon building your own. Carpenters beginners should be able to complete this project without help, and experienced it yourself can hit the bed in about an hour. These plans to build a double bed. Adjust the dimensions of wood for smaller or larger mattresses.

Mid century modern beds sand all sides of the wood with sandpaper coarse. Sand one side of each strip for the second time, with sandpaper fine grain. Apply a coat of paint or stain to all sides of their timber. Let the pieces dry. Place the four beams side by side, parallel and aligned with their ends. The outer edges of the outer beams should be 60 inches apart. Midlines of the inner beams should be 15 centimeters from each other and 15 inches midlines of the nearest outer beam. The four beams must rest on the narrow face wide, 2 inches.

Mid century modern beds place a strip through the four beams, sanded side up, perpendicular to the line of the beams. The outer edge of the strip should be flush with the ends of the beams. Screw in place by driving a screw through the strip and in the midline of each beam down.

Picture Gallery of the Mid Century Modern Beds Plan

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