Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Red and Gold

Master bedroom decorating ideas – A scheme of red and gold decor infuses a master bedroom with a bold, glamorous look. Golden couple goes with deep rich shades of red like crimson, or burgundy. Show off your personal style with ornate gold detail, vibrant color pops of red and elegant pieces of furniture. A simple way to accentuate master bedroom decorating ideas is red and gold royal elegant dark wood furniture. Choose matching headboard, desk, dresser, bedside table and wardrobe built of dark cherry or mahogany. Look for pieces that provide hardware shiny or burnished gold, as handles and knobs, to create a cohesive look. If you currently have dark furniture that does not have gold hardware, you can easily replace hardware.

Improve master bedroom decorating ideas with fabrics red and gold with intricate designs. Place a plush, deep red bed quilt featuring gold damask print patterns or lily. You can accentuate the linens by folding a blanket of red cashmere throw game at the end of the bed and red pillows decorative borders golden lace details in the head. To create a coordination aspect, hang dark red curtains and tie back with gold cords with tassels.

Gold accessories lighting infuse the bedroom with a sophisticated style. To create the focal point of the room, hang a chandelier gold chandelier dripping with crystals from the ceiling. Therefore style and function, install gold sconces on each side of the bed. Accentuate the desk and nightstand with matching lamps bases offering gold and red tones. Rich red decor items drama to add the master bedroom. Showing a vintage crystal vase full of red roses on a wall shelf or side table to infuse the space with a sweet aroma. Candles glowing red will give the bedroom a passionate look. If the room has white walls, jazz they work mats and gold accented with hanging red frames.

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