Cleaning Before Restaining Cabinets

Restaining cabinets requires a clean smooth surface to adhere the stain. Cabinet’s worn and dull colors qualify for restaining always wears is not excessive. The cabinets should require only a light sanding to level the surface. Sanding before staining them slightly irregular areas cabinets softens the wood and gives enough grain to allow the spot to join the wood. Cleaning the cabinets before sanding removes dirt and grease from the surface. After sanding, cleaning wipes to remove dust. The ultimate goal is to achieve a wood surface that is dirt and dust free and not too bright.

Instructions to clean before restaining cabinets: remove the doors and hinges of the cabinet base to clean the base and the doors separately. Remove the shelves base. Place the flat door and place the shelves on top of a fabric on a clean counter or table. Remove the hinges and knobs or handles and set aside. Dampen a synthetic wool pad steel or soft cloth with mineral spirits.

Clean the cabinet surfaces, including shelves, doors, and all sides of the base fabric. Use a new cloth or pad when you start to look dirty. Continue to clean the wood until the cloth or pad remains clean after cleaning the surface. Finally, to clean before restaining cabinets, sand the cabinets and then clean it with dry cloth to remove any dust.

Picture Gallery of the Cleaning Before Restaining Cabinets

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