Best Way to Installing Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vessel sinks – Determine the location for the new sink. Place the paper template that comes with the sink on the counter and use a pencil to draw the drain opening. Drill a hole in the counter top using a drill accessory 1 inch to start the hole. Use a jigsaw, started by inserting the sheet into the drilled hole, and follow the perimeter drawn to create the mounting hole. Slip the bathroom vessel sinks into place and the hole to rest easily on the counter as squarely as possible. Apply silicone caulk in the joint between the base of the sink and the water meter to create a tight join. Connect the accessories to the sink drain by accessing the bottom through the lower cabinet. Apply a rubber washer and the compression ring to the bottom of the sink drain and hand tighten it. Connect the trap to the compression fitting and tighten down completely with a socket wrench or adjustable pliers. Then connect the trap to the main line of the house drain running down the wall or floor. Install faucet and water supply lines for use with sink. Run water into the sink and check connections below the leak or leaks in the compression fitting to bathroom vessel sinks. Tighten loose connections or add additional caulk as needed.

Picture Gallery of the Best Way to Installing Bathroom Vessel Sinks

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