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Mid century furniture – In the mid-1900, modern architecture and design moved from avast-grade and wealthy to the mainstream. In the 1950s, the first steel box skyscrapers were considered edgy and unusual; the 1960 were all new skyscrapers steel boxes. The philosophy of modernism – “form follows function” – took root and modern furniture stripped away decoration. Steel was used in place of wood and leather instead of cloth; the furniture was more about design than was the comfort of the person sitting in it. Although some of the ideas modernists survived, such as steel skyscrapers, did some not, such as uncomfortable furniture.

Accent mid century furniture is furniture that complements the decor of a room. If modernism defined design as “form follows function”, the use of accent furniture completely non-modern, in that it exists as a decoration, not as a necessary functional elements. Examples of accent furniture are small tables, “catch all” tables in entry ways, ottomans and bedside tables. Often accent furniture draws the eye of the viewer through color or decoration. Although most accent mid century furniture is small, it may also be large and impressive, as in a shelf set of decorative elements.

While mid-century revival continued some designers to mix and match styles. It is not uncommon to see a piece of modern furniture, for example a leather stool, in a room with overstuffed cloth furniture. A purist in modernism would balk at such custom, but from the person who lives in the room, if it works, use it. The downside of modern pieces to accent a room that is not completely modern in design is that modern mid century furniture is not designed to draw the eye as an accent piece should.

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